Innovative construction methods, such as high-strength geocells (cellular confinement systems), can be utilized to create sustainable infrastructure. PRS-Neoloy is used for cost-effective soil confinement, stabilization and reinforcementto meet the basic goals of civil engineering construction solutions – better performance, faster installation and lower cost.

The innovative Neoloy confinement technology provides multiple engineering, environmental and economic benefits to every project:

  • Best engineering performance in field
  • Highest durability
  • Sustainable green construction technique
  • Fast and simple deployment
  • Cost effective construction and life-cycle costs



PRS developed a unique novel polymeric alloy (Neoloy) to increase the performance of geocells and advance geocell technology. Neoloy provides strength and durability, while sacrificing flexibility or competitive cost.

Optimized Geocells

PRS-Neoloy is offered in several categories –according to the needs of the project types (stresses, loading, durability, design-life, etc.) rather than just cell dimension – as opposed to a single strength fits all typical of HDPE based geocells.


The ability to customize the solution with optimized geocell types maximizes the geosynthetic performance while minimizing the project costs in conformance to the project type and requirements. Product costs for the PRS-Neoloy solution according to category type can be reduced by up to 50%.