Many native soils require some stabilization to provide a strong base and/or subbase for unpaved road construction. Roads often cross soft, saturated or expansive clay soils with very low bearing capacity.

  • Access roads in remote regions, where aggregately is scarce and expensive to imported.
  • Haul roads for reliable, long-term support of very heavy loads/vehicles without failure.
  • Temporary service roads need to be built fast in all-weather conditions for heavy vehicles.

The relative weakness of unbound granular material for infill usually requires thick pavement layers and extensive earthworks.The value of PRS-Neoloy solution is directly related to the project geotechnical challenges. The more there are, the more valuable are PRS-Neoloy™ geocells, especially when compared to conventional solutions.

Neoloy®, a novel polymeric alloy (NPA) improves the basic geocell technology, for a geocell that is stiffer, more dimensionally stable and more resistant to creep. These “tough cells” improve the layer modulus for all types of unpaved road, unpaved gravel road, low-volume roads in weak soils. With a higher layer modulus aggregate in the base layer can be replaced with locally available, poorly graded, granular soils or recycled materials for structural infill, as well the layer thickness can be reduced.

Examples of PRS-Neoloy Solutions for Unpaved RoadsUnpaved Roads Design

  • Access for energy exploration
  • For heavy construction equipment
  • Pass over problematic soils
  • Logging Roads
  • Forest service roads
  • Mining roads
  • For haul trucks in oil sands
  • Temporary bypass roads
  • Green roads & emergency access
  • Roads through natural preserves
  • Military roads for heavy tracked vehicles
  • Rural roads
  • Parking lots
  • Storage depots and yards
  • Green reinforced shoulders
  • Working platforms
  • Embankments
  • Trenches and road drainage
  • Stormwater management
  • Porous pavements

High modulus PRS-Neoloy geocells made from Neoloy provide the long-term stiffness and confinement necessary
for reliable road building. PRS-Neoloy is an example of an innovative technology that improves unpaved road construction, makes roads, dust control unpaved roads more sustainable and reduces costs – particularly in problematic soils, difficult locations and where aggregate resources are limited.

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