No matter if the subgrade soil is weak, saturated or unconsolidated, PRS-Neoloy was designed to improve the ground bearing capacity and made it trafficable even to heavy loads.

The 3D reinforcement mechanism of the PRS-Neoloy with Neoloy combined with the geocellular shape distribute loads over a wide area, thereby creating a 3D geocell mattress with high flexural strength and stiffness. This mattress decreases vertical differential settlement, improves shear strength, and enhances load-bearing capacity, even in the weakest of subgrades.

The results of field experience in projects in every type of soil around the globe have proven that PRS-Neoloy works. Subgrade Reinforcement with the PRS Tough Cell® enables a reduction in the thickness of structural support elements – both the substrate and surface course – while at the same time improving the performance of non-cohesive and inferior fill, such as fine granular subgrade soils and recycled material.