PRS-Neoloy™ geocells provide high load-bearing capacity and long-term durability required for structural pavements. This can eliminate impervious structural layers and utilize inferior granular soils for infill that lack engineering strength but provide high permeability.

Vertical loading on the PRS-Neoloy confined cells creates a semi-rigid slab or “beam effect” over soft soils.This distributes the load evenly and effectively over a wider area while increasing bearing capacity by a factor of 5 and decreasing settlement by up to 80%.

Reduced vertical loading results in an artificial/ effective increase in subgrade strength by a factor of 2-3, while PRS-Neoloy reinforcement can improve the pavement structural soundness by a factor of 5. At the same time, the stiff geocell walls maintain long-term confinement and compaction, to provide reliable performance and extend the pavement lifespan.

Reduce Bituminous Layers/CostsLoad Bearing Capacity

Conventional design of paving block systems for inter-modal platforms and other areas subject to heavy loading and trafficking often utilize a stabilized cementitious or bituminous layer between the laying course/paving blocks and the subbase layer for stiffness and strength.

The PRS-Neoloy reinforcement capabilities enable placement of PRS-Neoloy in the base layer, below the paving blocks and leveling course. This reinforced layer can support heavy loading and replace other reinforced methods; for example the need for the cementitious or bituminous layer, which often entails high installation costs, longer installation time and specialist contractors.

Road trials have demonstrated that the pavement thickness reduction factor for PRS-Neoloy can exceed 70%. At the same time, PRS-Neoloy improves the performance of non-cohesive / inferior fill, such as fine granular soils stabilization and recycled materials.

Very Long Service Life

PRS-Neoloy is very crept resistant providing the stiffness and long-term dimensional stability required for long-term reinforcement, even under heavy static or cyclical loadings and elevated temperatures due to the Neoloy® novel polymeric alloy (NPA) composition. Deformation of PRS-Neoloy is also low, thereby long-term performance is maintained throughout the entire service life of a project.

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