PRS-Neoloy™ geocells are not limited to solutions for weak subgrade and expansive clays. PRS-Neoloy geocells also enable the replacement of high-quality base-layer aggregate with lower cost, granular subbase material. This extends the envelope for potential geocell solutions making them more economical and applicable to a wider range of infrastructure projects.

The increased stiffness of the PRS-Neoloy geocell reinforcement also improves the road pavement construction performance enabling higher traffic, heavier loading and/or extended service life. This means fewer repairs, longer life-cycle maintenance and more reliable and safer roads.

The research, validation and design methodologies reviewed in the paper demonstrate the multiple engineering, environmental and economic benefits of PRS-Neoloy geocell technology and the role it can play in the development of sustainable roads, highways, and infrastructure.

Extensive research of the reinforcement mechanisms in geocells shows that the stiffness of the geocell material is the most important soil/road confinement parameter.  Neoloy®-based geocells exhibit high tensile strength, resistance to creep and dimensional stability greater than conventional geocells. This significantly increases the strength of confined infill as well as the pavement layer elastic modulus. For roads with stable base and subgrade, the design method for incorporating PRS-Neoloy uses the elastic behavior of pavement structures and follows the Mechanistic-Empirical design procedure.geocell solutions

The use of PRS-Neoloy geocells also significantly reduced paved road repair, rehabilitation, and maintenance, as well as reduced use of raw materials, making block paved road construction more sustainable and more economic. Initial capital, as well as operational costs, are reduced. These parameters make PRS-Neoloy a suitable and sustainable solution for structural reinforcement of motorways, railways and multi-modal ports.

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