Ground Stabilization – Overview

The more difficult the soil, environment or project conditions are, the more you need PRS-Neoloy™ cellular confinement systems (geocells). PRS-Neoloy geocells are well suited to road projects in which soil bearing capacity, aggregates, durability, and costs are critical issues.

PRS-Neoloy reinforcement reduces infill quantities by up to 50% while enabling the utilization of local, marginal or recycled material for structural infill that cannot be used with conventional road construction methods. This saves project time, labor and costs, and the carbon footprint. As the most durable solution available today, PRS-Neoloy adds a new dimension to geocells – time (life-span)– to the existing 3D cellular dimensions (length x width x height) and provides a clear value proposition compared to conventional geocells, and 2D grids and geosynthetics.ground stabilization

  • Ground Reinforcement – PRS-Neoloy strengthens soil, prevents degradation and enhances load-bearing capacity.
  • Reduce structural pavement thickness – reduce substrata (and asphalt) structural support layers by 50% or more.
  • Use local soils, waste and recycled materials for infill – 3D vertical reinforcement zone improve performance of inferior granular soils to save resources, costs, and the environment.
  • Fast and durable unpaved roads – enable fast construction of access, service and haul roads in challenging soils, terrain, and environments.
  • Long-term design strength – PRS-Neoloy lowers operational costs and maintenance, freeing resources for new road and rail construction instead of repairs.

Examples of PRS-Neoloy Load Support Solutions ground stabilization

  • Asphalt flexible pavement structures
  • Road rehabilitation
  • Roadway widening and shoulder improvement
  • Road embankments
  • Trench and road drainage
  • Porous pavements
  • Access, haul and service roads
  • Roads from granular material, grass, sand
  • Temporary roads for construction sites
  • Roads through natural preserves
  • Green roads and emergency access
  • Patrol roads and roads for heavy military traffic
  • Sub-ballast confinement for new track
  • Track repair and rehabilitation
  • Railway embankments and overpasses
  • Train station facilities and parking
  • Intermodal port facilities
  • Airport runways, parking, storage terminals
  • Parking lots
  • Container platforms, terminals, depots and storage yards
  • Pipeline/storage tank protection
  • Boat Ramps
  • Retaining wall footings


PRS-Neoloy also offers as a single solution for an entire infrastructure project. In addition to reinforcement for flexible pavements, PRS-Neoloy provides ground stabilization matting, earth stabilization, and slope/channel protection, for embankments, ground reinforcement system, retaining walls, road scapes, flyovers, and stream diversions, typical of large-scale projects.