PRS-Neoloy™ geocells are an ideal solution for soil protection, confinement, and stabilization. They provide long-term erosion protection for all types of railway embankments, slopes, and shorelines in civil, infrastructure and environmental projects. Surface cover protection options include topsoil and vegetation for natural landscapes or with granular or concrete-armored surfacing if exposed to more severe mechanical and hydraulic pressures.

The cell wall perforations facilitate plant-roots interlock, which further stabilizes the soil mass, making landscaping more effective. At the same time perforations in the cell wall enhance water drainage, soil conservation, and in the end, promote vegetation and an attractive green slope. Very high environmental durability is provided by the Neoloy novel polymeric alloy in every cell.

PRS-Neoloy Value

  • Erosion protection – 3D cellular system prevents run-off, rills, and erosive forces to protect the soil.
  • Drainage and soil conservation –  improves permeability and infiltration thereby preventing an increase in hydrostatic forces.
  • Infill interlock – perforations promote bio-interlock of plants, soil, and roots, or frictional interlock if stone or concrete infill is used.
  • Revegetation and landscape  – perforations encourage plant growth by letting water, nutrients and soil organisms pass through cells freely.

slope stabilization

Slope stabilization / PROTECTION
  • Transportation and Construction
    • Cut slopes
    • Road and rail embankments
    • Abutment protection
  • Energy
    • Storage facility berms
    • Pipeline stabilization
  • Environmental
    • Green roofs
    • Mine and quarry restoration
  • Reservoirs
    • Ponds, lagoons, dams
    • Channel and shoreline structures
  • Landfills
    • Waste containment facilities
    • Rehabilitation of sites