retaining wallsThe PRS-Neoloy™ geocell retaining wall systems are an ideal solution for vertical or stepped designs for steep faces, walls and irregular topography, that are strong, fast to construct and green.


PRS-Neoloy retaining walls provide steep vertical earth retention that is structurally stable. Gravity and reinforced walls erected with stacked PRS-Neoloy system layers are stable even in unstable, compressible foundation soils. Due to their flexible nature, PRS-Neoloy retention walls have proven to retain their structural stability in seismic testing demonstrating and has a high resistance factor to ground movements.


PRS-Neoloy retention walls construction structures can be constructed much faster than poured concrete solutions as there are no forms to construct and no need to wait for curing. In addition, each wall layer is infilled and structurally sound as laid, enabling full access. The need for support, scaffolding or cranes is eliminated. Local granular soil can be utilized for infill. It also eliminates the need for a hard base and provides excellent drainage.


PRS-Neoloy retention provides a green wall with vegetated fascia on the outer horizontal terraces/rows.This enables a vegetated wallscape and a better landscape aesthetic.

retaining wallsExamples of Earth Retention Walls Solutions

  • Transportation and construction
    • Multi-grade transportation arteries
    • Green road and rail embankments
    • Safety barriers
  • Rehabilitation
    • Mine site and quarry restoration
    • Failed slopes
  • Environmental
    • Energy and noise abatement
    • Green walls
  • Channels and Coastlines
    • Stormwater structures
    • Coastal cliff preservation
  • Site grading
    • Expanding fields and yards
    • Grading site to boundaries

retaining walls retaining walls retaining walls retaining walls