A layer of PRS-Neoloy™ geocells with armor infill provides complete protection of the containment geomembrane in landfills and reservoirs construction. PRS-Neoloy stabilizes the soil stabilization, berms, and slopes, preventing erosive forces, geocell landfill services, slip, and mass movement. At the same time, the geomembranes are protected by the geocell layer from damage caused by natural or human-induced damage (either accidental or intentional).

The Neoloy® novel polymeric alloy used in PRS-Neoloy cellular confinement systems is highly resistant to weathering, oxidation, and extreme temperatures and has the very low creep for long-term reliable performance. Used for impoundment, treatment or storage of liquids or waste, PRS-Neoloy geocells are impervious to salinity, corrosion, and sewage. The entire system has the high tensile strength yet is flexible, tolerating minor earth movements.

Double the Strength in Half the Time

PRS-Neoloy infill treatments depend on the containment materials:

  • Concrete infill for holding and treatment ponds
  • Gravel infill for drainage and leachate treatment in landfills
  • Vegetated infill for landfill systems sites and rehabilitated landscapes

The use of concrete infill with PRS-Neoloy has multiple construction advantages. Concrete casting is fast, efficient, and controlled as the PRS-Neoloy functions as ready-made forms, while the hard-armor finish is of uniform thickness. The resulting structure is a flexible slab that accommodates minor subgrade movement and prevents cracking.

We offer all type of landfill construction and design and service reservoirs design.

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