PRS-Neoloy™ is the best-available sustainable solution for long-term soil erosion control and stabilization in slopes, embankments and retaining walls. PRS-Neoloy geocells protect the soil by enhancing water drainage and soil quality, and when integrated with revegetation schemes, improve the landscape, local ecology and visual aesthetics.

Cell Wall Perforations

The perforations in PRS-Neoloy promote drainage and limit the impact of hydrostatic forces on slopes by improving drainage. This plays a crucial role in soil protection by:

  • Preventing run-off and soil erosion control
  • Preserving the soil structure
  • Enabling flow of water, nutrients and soil organisms

Healthy soil promotes the growth of vital soil organisms and processes, which improve nutrient cycling, porosity, and soil aggregation. The perforations result in an excellent growth environment for roots and plants. Restoration of the vegetation and landscape further stabilizes the soil and slope erosion control.