The PRS-Neoloy™ Channel Protection System is the most advanced three-dimensional cover protection system against channel, stream and shoreline erosion caused by flowing water. The three-dimensional PRS-Neoloy cellular confinement enhances the performance of conventional erosion protection materials and provides a long-term reliable durable solution.

PRS-Neoloy tolerates high sheet-flow conditions and prevents channeling by limiting flow and increasing hydraulic shear stresses; either with soil/vegetation infill protection or hard armor or concrete infill protection.

Due to the superior reinforcement of PRS-Neoloy geocells made from Neoloy® novel polymeric alloy (NPA), channel projects require less infill material and can substitute lower quality infill without loss of long-term design strength. This saves project costs during the initial channel drainage construction and the project lifetime. Savings increase when concrete is used as the infill, as the concrete thickness can be reduced or even replaced by other infill materials. Additionally, the need to construct forms for concrete is eliminated, while the concrete can be poured faster and more uniformly.

Examples of PRS-Neoloy Channel Solutions

  • Water treatmentChannels Drainage
    • Water transport systems
    • Sewage treatment conduits
    • Storm drainage channels
  • Energy plants
    • Intake channels and outflows
    • Cooling water conduits
  • Stormwater management
    • Bioswales
    • Flood water containment
  • Stream protection
    • Stream quality and ecology
    • Bank (slope) erosion
  • Reservoirs 
    • Levee protection
    • Dam and pond spillways
    • Protection of hydraulic structures
  • Environmental protection
    • Silt and sediment control/diversions during construction activities
    • Pipeline and utility channel crossings
  • Marine
    • Port facilities and protection
    • Channel and shoreline structures
    • Canals

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