PRS-Neoloy is an innovative soil stabilization technology that improves the engineered, economic and sustainable environment.

PRS-Neoloy geocells (cellular confinement systems) are making a world of difference for soil stabilization. Designed for erosion control, ground improvement, road base reinforcement and earth stabilization applications, PRS-Neoloy has been used successfully in a wide variety of projects around the globe.

By meeting the needs to develop marginal lands and by using locally available soils or recycled materials for infill, PRS-Neoloy is a unique sustainable geotechnical solution. PRS’ goal is to improve geocell the performance-cost benefit ratio to improve the value proposition of geosynthetics and enable a wider adoption of geocells for soil stabilization.

soil stabilization soil stabilization soil stabilization soil stabilization
Ground & Road Stabilization-
Unpaved Roads, Rails, Ports
Erosion Control –
Slope & Channel Protection
Earth Stabilization –
Steep Slopes & Retaining Walls
Geomembrane Protection –
Reservoirs and Landfills